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Interview with hair stylist and entrepreneur Wendy Iles for LONI BAUR

As one of the most respected hair stylists in the beauty industry, Wendy Iles works at the highest level worldwide - and her client and celebrity list is long. Wendy received the Hollywood Beauty Awards Oscar for hair. Presented by the film industry's elite, this award is an absolute recognition of their professionalism, creativity, dedication and passion for hair.

LONI BAUR: Did you always know that you have a special love for hair?

Wendy Iles: Hair has always been much more than just a passion for me. It's part of my soul. From my earliest childhood memories of turning my playhouse into a fantasy salon and cutting my dolls (and my brother!) hair. It's a fascinating medium to work with. Hair is and always has been one of my first loves.

LONI BAUR: As a hairstylist, what makes you unique in the beauty industry?

Wendy Iles: I think my ability to create any hairstyle without the use of traditional styling products like hairspray and gel made me unique in the hair industry. My DNA as a hairstylist is one that strives for well-groomed, luscious, shiny hair every time. This is truly one of my biggest business assets and the reason why celebrities are loyal to me and also the reason why I was hired to do hair campaigns for other brands throughout my career before becoming a brand owner myself.

LONI BAUR: What is your typical Wendy Hair Look?

Wendy Iles: Whatever the style, the hair styled by Wendy Iles is vibrant, well-groomed and fresh. This is the key to timeless hair in my opinion, as can be seen in my first book, which is a collection of my hair images from my European archive over the decades. I'm currently working on my second book, due out next month.

LONI BAUR: What is your favorite hair care product?

Wendy Iles: My favorite products are those that were my private formulas, which I used on set for almost 6 years before becoming the brand that is now known as Iles Formula. These 3 award-winning formulas are known as the Iles Formula Signature Collection of shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum. The formulas are coordinated to perfection and complement each other. They have the power to stop hair breakage and transform even damaged, dry and dull hair into a luscious, shiny and well-groomed texture immediately after the first application. I can't do my hair without her.

Iles Form Signature Collection

LONI BAUR: How important is the interaction between hair and make-up?

Wendy Iles: That's why in our freelance world we form teams or families that often work together. As a hairdresser, it is very important to work with a make-up artist like Loni, where you think creatively the same way and can pass ideas on to each other. The interplay between the two is pivotal in the development of iconic looks, which are often captured in unique photos.

LONI BAUR: In your opinion, how do you recognize good make-up?

Wendy Iles: I'm a minimalist myself, less is more. Therefore, to me, good makeup is a clean base with accents that simply emphasize the best version of a person. That's why I've always been a fan of Loni's work.

LONI BAUR: What and what experiences connect you with Loni?

Wendy Iles: We've done many editorial and promotional campaigns together over the years. Clients and production agencies often brought us together as a team, for which I was very grateful.

LONI BAUR: What do you think Loni stands for in the industry?

Wendy Iles: Loni is one of the best makeup artists I've worked with in my career. Not only is she one of the most creative, but she always acts like a real pro.

LONI BAUR: Which make-up products can you not do without?

Wendy Iles: mascara and natural lip gloss. I've never worn a lot of makeup, but these two are essential. I especially love the mascara from the Loni collection.

LONI BAUR: What was the most important lesson you learned during your entrepreneurship?

Wendy Iles: I've learned many lessons since Iles Formula was founded and continue to learn every day. The transition from artist to entrepreneur is exciting, but not without its challenges. The artist in me uncompromisingly prioritizes performance and beauty, while a traditional entrepreneur may place more emphasis on finances. Fortunately, I have a team that shares the same values ​​and passion for Iles Formula that I do, and together we are able to create formulas that I am proud to carry my name on.

LONI BAUR: Please complete the following sentences:

LONI BAUR: The best moment of my career...

Wendy Iles: There have been many, but the best moment was when I was honored with the Hollywood Beauty Award for 'Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling'.

LONI BAUR: There's one product I can never get a job without, and that's...

Wendy Iles: The Iles Formula Finishing Serum.

finishing serum

LONI BAUR: One tip I give young hairstylists is...

Wendy Iles: Study your craft and learn from the best. As in any other profession, education and training are critical to future success.

Thank you very much for this nice interview, dear Wendy.

You can find more about Wendy's products here .

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