LONI BAUR at the Fashion Week in Berlin

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Berlin inspires with its unique flair!

The city is like no other. Compared to Paris and New York, Berlin has a very special charisma and personality. Everything is a bit smaller and more familiar here, with an incomparable network of creative minds.

This year the city is experiencing an explosion of innovation. Young designers, including many Ukrainian talents, bring a breath of fresh air. And of course established names like Odeeh and Malaikaraiss are also part of the line-up. This fashion week offers the perfect space for young talents to show their skills.

The German fashion designer Esther Perbandt also presented the latest collection of her fashion label of the same name here. Esther Perbandt is known worldwide, especially in America and Canada. Her label got a lot of attention with "Making the Cut" three years ago. Back then she won the first challenge and staged a fashion show in Paris under the Eiffel Tower. Heidi Klum was made up by Loni Baur for the moderation, which is how Esther and Loni got to know each other for the first time, an unforgettable moment for both of them.

Now Loni and Esther have seen each other again. This is thanks to Christiane Arp, who managed to get Loni as Head of Make-up and her brand LONI BAUR as a sponsor for the event. The concept for Constellation was so exciting that Loni just couldn't say no. Not a classic fashion show, but a futuristic show in which 3D digital dresses were shown and a spectacular opera singer was staged theatrically.

It was Loni's task to ensure that her make-up perfectly matched the collection. Integrated as a fine accessory in the faces of the models, Loni underlines the concept of the designer, who calls herself the "Queen of Black". The collection itself is characterized by strong silhouettes and individual eyeliner looks, which Loni presents in four different variations.

When it comes to backstage work, the focus is clearly on creativity and spontaneity. The trust between Loni and Esther was absolutely crucial. And the result? Transparent skin, individual eyeliner looks and women who support each other.

Torben Klug

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