VOUGE, 03/22

The German VOGUE reveals the secret about LONI BAUR and the upcoming launch in its March 2022 issue. A great honor for Loni, who has been working with and for the magazine for decades.

GRAZIA, 03/22

In its BIG BEAUTY special, GRAZIA reports on LONI BAUR and THE FACE EDITION Get Reddy.

BRIGITTE Online 03/22

Brigitte Online is presenting THE FACE EDITION Get Reddy in the "New in the shops - we will be shopping for these items in March" category.

BUNTE.DE 04/22

Loni Baur reports on Bunte.de about her experiences with her prominent customers and, of course, about the launch of her own brand.

The stylists 05/22

In the "Among professionals" category, Loni reports on her dream job as a make-up artist and how she came up with the idea for THE FACE EDITION.

WOMAN 06/22

LONI BAUR is presented together with other make-up artist brands such as Gucci Westman, PatMcGrath or Violette.


LONI BAUR has been nominated with THE FACE EDITIONS together with great brands in the final of the Prix de Beauté in the luxury decorative cosmetics category.

GRAZIA 01/23

The new issue of GRAZIA magazine tells you the beauty charts for the start of 2023. Among these you will find long and healthy eyelashes: Our LASH 01 LENGTH , enriched with vitamin B5, stimulates the growth of your eyelashes and cares for them when you apply make-up.


,,I actually did it myself!'' - Our THE FACE EDITION in GET REDDY in the February issue of Cosmopolitain.

Girlfriend 02/23

Loni explains why runway makeup is often extravagant and rarely suitable for everyday use. It's an accessory that draws attention. Pop colors are currently in vogue, which can be traced back to the desire for color after the pandemic.