Three makeup trends for 2023

Posted by Nike Lohmann on

vampire skin
The term “vampire skin” is a total TikTok trend right now. This look is better known to makeup artists as "Glass Pale Skin." This look is created with a lot of rich make-up care. To finish, you should also apply our Highlighter Stick to a large area, for example, on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.
Brown Lips
This trend also comes from the TikTok bubble. I find soft and not too dark nude tones much more pleasing and flattering for most women.
For example, our fawn brown Kajal pencil from the Here you Glow palette is also ideal in combination with our LIP 01 lipstick.
Especially with narrow lips, I would advise against lipstick that is too dark, as it makes the lips look even smaller.
However, I really like a brown lip with a glossy texture.
Lip in focus in 2023
This year, the focus is generally on the lips and they can be shown in all colors and nuances. The leading color of 2023 is magenta! But shades of red (Power Berry) are also very trendy and will ensure colorful lip looks. Our LIP 02 is great with the matching lip liner .

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