Loni's skin preparation tips

Here Loni presents her favorite products that she uses at her clients and jobs.

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Preparing the skin


My special tip: I had problems with impurities for a long time and as a make-up artist I suffered from having impure skin. Regular use of Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant has completely transformed and visibly improved my skin. Dead skin cells are removed, impurities and redness are reduced and the complexion becomes visibly finer.

TONER / €15.50

For me, every make-up ritual begins with cleansing the skin and using a very gentle toner . Mario Badescu's rose water invigorates the skin, removes small dust pigments and brings a natural freshness to the face.

CARE / 240€

It's no secret that I love THE RICH CREAM by Augustinus Bader. It is efficient, creamy and helps skin cells to regenerate themselves. The richness is not only great in the colder months. Its moisturizing texture absorbs quickly and I can then work the foundation into the skin perfectly.

Boosting Face Serum / 165€

Well cared for and nourished skin is the most important basis for a beautiful look. Supplying the skin with plenty of moisture and other rich nutrients is essential for this. All of this can be found highly concentrated in the Boosting Face Serum by Dr. Stefan Duve. I love pampering my skin with it and giving it a hydration boost.

Eye mask - decongestant / 12€

For the special pampering moment that I am very happy to offer my customers, I use an eye mask from 111 SKIN. This variant has a decongestant and calming effect if the night before was a bit longer.

Lip care / 8€

After cleansing and nourishing the skin, I always apply a little lip balm to the lips. This is how I prep her for the lipstick. The lip care from Dr. Paw Paw is a perfect all-rounder that makes the lips soft and supple.

For an even complexion

foundation / 72€

The combination of rich moisturizing creams and so-called foundation sticks is absolutely unrivaled for me. I try a lot, but always come back to it. Depending on the condition of the skin, I can then apply the foundation more intensively to cover it up, or "stretch" it down to the finest transparency with the cream. The Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Sticks are particularly suitable.

concealer / 38€

For small redness and stubborn imperfections, I like to use concealer , which I apply with a brush. The pigmentation is awesome - you really only need a little product here for a maximum effect.


The combination of two concealer nuances and the wonderfully light finishing powder is ideal for concealing small imperfections - without having to forego a natural look. I love transparent textures that can be built up at will.